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Your Vehicle Has A Backup Camera, But You Still Need To Do This

Technology is awesome, whether it be with HD television, new cell phone technology, Netflix, and even the new technology that are being installed in new vehicles. One of the most common new forms of technology is back up cameras in your vehicle. Back up cameras are great in assisting you and your vehicle when backing up to see everything that is behind your car. They are so helpful that the government has made it mandatory for every vehicle made after 2018 to be equipped with a backup camera. However, it is important that you do not rely 100% on your back up camera as there is always the unexpected, and even with the advanced technology with back up cameras, there can still be blind spots when using your back up camera. We have listed a few steps that you still should do before backing up even if you have a car with a backup camera.

Limited View

Backup cameras typically show you about 8-10ft width on each side of your vehicle and about 50ft behind your vehicle with an 80-degree view of what is behind your vehicle. This is phenomenal technology, however, it still leaves significant blind spots of the sides of your vehicle and whatever space is beyond the view of your backup camera. Each vehicle camera is different, so it is important to check what your vehicle is equipped with as far as your backup camera technology.

Walk Around

Before backing out of a space with your vehicle, you always want to walk around your vehicle before backing out to make sure that your vehicle is clear of any obstructions that you may not see with your backup cameras, such as broken glass or even a nail or screw.

Back-Up Slowly

With the limited view of most backup cameras, you still should back up slowly to avoid anything that you may have missed during your walk-around of the vehicle. Also, you want to backup slowly to avoid anything that is sudden and unexpected such as a child, animal, or even a ball or something that may be shooting across the parking lot.

Avoid Backing Up Altogether

Backing up is difficult no matter how old or how experienced a driver you may be. So, if you have an opportunity to park your vehicle in an area that will not require you to backup, then take it! It will almost always be easier to pull forward out of a parking space instead of backing up.

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Backup cameras are great and will actually make backing up and parking easier, however, they should not be the only thing used when you are backing up with your vehicle. If you would like to learn more about backup cameras or if you are simply seeking new car insurance, contact our team at Maryland Auto Insurance Provider Online.





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