MAIF Auto Insurance

We believe all Maryland drivers should have the opportunity to be appropriately insured. We help drivers find auto insurance, no matter their driving record or ability to obtain insurance through other carriers. Whether you have bad credit or multiple offenses, our team at Maryland Auto Insurance providers have you covered. Get your affordable Maryland auto insurance here.

What is MAIF?

Maryland Auto Insurance Fund (MAIF) is an authorized, independent Maryland state provider of auto insurance. Our providers issue and underwrite auto liability insurance for Maryland drivers who are having difficulty obtaining coverage with private auto insurance companies.

As noted, Maryland state law requires all drivers to have the appropriate insurance and coverage while driving.

How Do I qualify for MAIF?

To qualify for MAIF, you must:

  • Be a Maryland State Resident
  • Have a current Maryland registration or Drivers License
  • Be unable to obtain auto insurance through private providers

It is Maryland State law that all drivers and cars have proper auto insurance coverage. It is illegal to drive without car insurance. For some Maryland drivers, obtaining insurance at reasonable rates becomes difficult after too many accidents or violations. MAIF will help you find coverage regardless of your previous driving record.

How Much Does MAIF cost?

Premiums will vary depending on your circumstances and your automobile.

Receive a free MAIF auto insurance quote here

Our friendly and knowledgeable insurance agent will help you find an affordable payment plan so you can fit your car insurance premium into your monthly budget. We strive to find our customers competitive rates, and offer discounts that they may be eligible for making auto insurances more affordable. Call 301-499-0135 to speak with an experienced auto insurance agent.

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