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Save Money With MAIF Maryland Auto Insurance Fund

Maryland Auto Insurance Fund Rewards Safe Drivers

Maryland Auto Insurance providers are always looking for ways to save our drivers money. With a comprehensive knowledge of MD state law, our providers help our drivers maximize their savings. We offer safe driver and continued coverage discounts to reward loyal drivers.

No one wants to over pay for car insurance. Maryland Auto Insurance Fund providers offer some tips of the trade on how to keep insurance premiums as low as possible.

  1. Drive Safe
    Auto accidents and traffic violations are the number one reason for higher insurance premiums. Your driving record can drive up the price of your auto insurance. Maryland Auto Insurance Fund providers can help drivers with clean records save with our Safe Driver discount.
  2. Higher Deductibles, Lower Premiums
    The higher your deductible, meaning the more you pay out of pocket at the time of an accident, the cheaper your monthly Maryland Auto Insurance payment will be. Your MAIF provider can help you choose a deductible that works for your budget.
  3. Get The Right Coverage
    You may be able to carry different insurance depending on whether or not you own your car. Drivers who own their vehicle outright, with out a loan, may be able to do away with comprehensive coverage, lowering their insurance premium.  If you have an older vehicles, chances are physical damage coverage is not cost effective. Carrying liability only could put more money in your pocket each month.

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Affordable Maryland auto insurance does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Give us a call, or contact us online to see how more affordable we are than the big insurance companies. We care about our drivers and work with you to get you back on the road.

Saving Money with MAIF Discounts

  • Safe driver discounts –  Drivers who maintain a clean driving record free of accidents and traffic violations secure the cheapest Maryland Auto Insurance. We help drivers with clean driving records lower their premiums for more affordable coverage.
  • Continued coverage discounts – Loyalty matters. Drivers who have 12 months or more of continued Maryland Auto Insurance will maintain the lowest rates.

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MAIF Insurance Premium Payment Plans

In efforts to help our customers drive insured, we now offer convenient premium payment plans. Our installation payment plans are designed to help customers budget their insurance premiums making car insurance more affordable.

Learn more about MAIF payment plan options here

In house payment plans with MAIF help to reduce the risk of lapse in coverage. MAIF payment plans also remove a customers need for third party financing fees.