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Insurance Fraud MAIF Special Investigation Unit

One person’s insurance fraud affects all policyholders.

Insurance fraud is a serious crime with serious consequences. Maryland Auto Insurance has created a Special Investigations Unit specifically to detect and deter insurance fraud for the protection of our drivers. Auto insurance fraud affects all of our policyholders, causing premium rates to rise yearly. Our MAIF Special Investigation Unit is another way we help our customers maintain their affordable insurance premiums. If you want more information on the auto insurance our company provides to the public in Maryland, see About Car Insurance.

Insurance fraud could raise premiums up to $300 a year.

stopping maryland auto insurance fraud

What Do I Do If Suspect Insurance Fraud

You can help fight insurance fraud. If you suspect fraud, contact local law enforcement, Maryland Auto Insurance Fund, or the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

All Hotline Calls are Free and Anonymous.

What Counts as Insurance Fraud?

Many people don’t even realize that they are participating in insurance fraud. It’s important to understand that any false claim on your insurance is fraud. Insurance fraud is any act of dishonesty or misrepresentation when dealing with your insurance company. It’s also more than just false claims of injury or accident.

It can be as simple as lying about the mileage you drive each year on your vehicle or including existing damage when reporting a claim. All of these small lies add up, creating higher premiums for you and other consumers. From incorrectly reporting your yearly mileage to faking an injury in an accident, fraud hurts everyone.

Insurance fraud includes:

  • Faking an automobile accident
  • Faking or exaggerating injuries sustained in an accident
  • Giving the insurance company a fake address to get a lower premium
  • Including existing damage when reporting an accident claim
  • Withholding information about your driving record
  • Falsely reporting a loss or theft of a vehicle
  • Underreporting mileage driven a year for a lower premium

Reporting suspected insurance fraud is everyone’s responsibility. If you suspect someone you know, or someone you have been in an accident with, is committing insurance fraud, be sure to contact the appropriate authorities or the insurance fraud hotline.

What are the consequences of car insurance fraud in Maryland?

Insurance fraud is a major problem in Maryland. It can be committed by drivers or by people who are not insured. If the driver who caused the accident is uninsured, they may try to get out of paying for the damages by claiming that they were not at fault. Another example is that people who are insured may try to make false claims about their car accident injuries. They do this in order to claim more money from their insurance company. These actions lead to higher car insurance rates for everyone and make it hard for Marylanders to find affordable car insurance policies.

Who pays for car insurance fraud?

The worst part about insurance fraud is the general public has to pay for it. To continue to provide fair and necessary coverage, insurance companies across the state of Maryland will have to raise their rates. Anyone can commit car insurance fraud. But the sake of your wallet and the affordability of car insurance, always report it.

Contact A My MD Auto Agent To Avoid Fraud

If you have any questions about applying for insurance correctly, make sure you contact a Maryland Auto Insurance agent. All of our agents are experts in insurance and will help you get the appropriate coverage for your vehicles within your budget. Don’t forget to ask your agent about payment plans and other benefits of MAIF.

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