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Announcement: Virginia Law Changes May Affect Thousands of Marylanders

According to Virginia authorities, more than 34,000 Maryland residents currently register their vehicles in Virginia. Some of them may take advantage of paying a one-time fee instead of obtaining insurance.

Starting on July 1, 2024, individuals will no longer be able to pay a fee in lieu of carrying insurance. Marylanders who are registered there will now be required to register their vehicles and obtain auto insurance. You can find the details on the new insurance requirements on Virginia Law’s website.

Many of these drivers will face hurdles due to lapses in coverage. That’s where we come in. Maryland Auto is here to help you as you assist these customers in obtaining coverage. Contact us at if you have any questions about coverage for these residents.

Many of these drivers may also have outstanding uninsured driver penalties from prior coverage lapses in Maryland. They may need to contact the State of Maryland’s Central Collections Unit to discuss options for resolving these penalties in order to register their vehicle in Maryland.

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