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MAIF Payment Plans & Pricing

2024 Rate Adjustment Announcement

ALERT: Important Information About Paying Your Bill

It has come to our attention that some of our customers have made payments through the website, believing that is where they need to pay their MAIF/Roadway Insurance bill. Please DO NOT send payment to this website. It is not affiliated with MAIF or Roadway Insurance.

Payment Plans and Pricing

The cost of car insurance depends on several factors. As your leading Maryland Auto Insurance provider, MAIF Auto Insurance will provide you with a free quote for auto or motorcycle insurance. Based on your needs and budget, My MD Auto can offer you affordable Maryland auto insurance.

Insurance premiums are based on:

  • Type and year of the vehicle
  • Where you live
  • Amount of coverage you need
  • Loan on vehicle
  • Driving record/history

If you have any questions about your auto insurance costs, policy, or payment, one of our expert My MD Auto providers is available to help you. Our goal is to help underinsured motorists get the right coverage they need in the state of Maryland.

MAIF Car Insurance Can Help You Pay

Our Maryland Auto Insurance providers can help you find the lowest rates and payment options. MAIF auto insurance companies offer easy monthly installment plans, safe driver discounts, and policy options to lower your rates.  With MAIF, you save money by driving safely.

Our My MD Auto providers are familiar, friendly, and here to help you. My MD Auto can explore all available options with you and help you make a good decision concerning your auto insurance policy. Call us today for a free car insurance quote. You can speak with an expert provider who can help you find your best car or motorcycle insurance rates.

MAIF offers down payments as low as 10% to help drivers get auto insurance, a requirement in Maryland, and get back on the road.

Installment Payment Plans

As of October 2022, MAIF offers improved installment plans for our customers.

Drivers in Maryland who pay their yearly premium in full upfront can save 8% off their yearly insurance cost.

For customers who are unable to pay their yearly premium at once, MAIF offers installment plans with initial down payments. Our payment plans are designed with our customers in mind. In-house payment plans help to budget premiums, avoid financing fees, and reduce the risk of lapses in auto insurance converge. Our team can work with you to find the right option for your needs. Installment plans are based on your yearly premium cost as follows:

After an 18% down payment for personal auto policies:

-9 monthly installments with the first payment due 45 days after the policy is established.

MAIF My MD Auto Discounts

There are several ways you can save money on Maryland Auto Insurance insurance:

  • Safe driver discounts – Maintain a clean driving record free of accidents and traffic violations to secure the cheapest Maryland Auto Insurance.
  • Continued coverage discounts – Drivers who have 12 months or more of continued Maryland Auto Insurance will maintain the lowest auto insurance rates.
  • Roadway Motor Club – Enjoy 24-hour roadside assistance as well as other member benefits.

Opt Out of PIP for Lower Premiums

Ask your Maryland Insurance provider about opting out of PIP. PIP, or Personal injury protection, is optional in Maryland. Keep in mind that opting out could save you money on your monthly premiums.

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