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By phone, online, or in person, shopping for auto insurance with Maryland Auto Insurance Fund is convenient and straightforward.

As a leading MAIF provider, we are here to assist you with all of your affordable car insurance needs. Our highly trained insurance agents are up to date with all Maryland state laws regarding car insurance. We know how to get you the best premiums accommodating your budget and lifestyle. We offer affordable Maryland auto insurance for all Maryland residents.

We are proud to offer auto insurance to all registered Maryland drivers, no exceptions. We even insure drivers that have been dropped by their previous insurance company. There is no reason you can’t be insured to drive in Maryland. Our office locations are conveniently spread out through central and eastern Maryland.

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301–438–6243 | Email Us
301–438–6243 | Email Us

Safe Driving can Save You Money

At Maryland Auto Insurance Fund we reward safe drivers. For customers with no accidents and a clean driving record, our MAIF providers offer a safe driver discount. Our Maryland Auto Insurance Providers encourage all drivers to stay alert, keep their eyes on the road, and drive safely. We offer some tips and tricks on how to keep your insurance premiums as low as possible.

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Drivers should never be distracted by anything. Many accidents occur when drivers are looking at their phone, or changing the radio. Distracted drivers are one of the top reasons for accidents. Stay focused on the road ahead and the cars around you. If you need to take a call or read a text message, pull off to the side of the road when it’s safe.

Brake Early- Staying alert to the vehicles ahead of you can help you to avoid accidents. If you see brake lights ahead, brake early to avoid slamming on your brakes. Braking early is especially important when the roads are wet. Snow, ice, and rain can make stopping your car more difficult. Braking early can prevent skidding or spinning of your vehicle.

Keep Your Distance- Keeping three car lengths between you and the car in front of you can allow for safer driving. Leaving space allows the driver to maneuver the roads without incident and gives you plenty of time to stop the vehicle if necessary. Tailgating is a form of aggressive driving in Maryland. You are likely to receive a ticket if you get pulled over for tailgating in MD, so keep your distance.

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Our MAIF providers are here to serve our customers. We help drivers get back on the road with the lowest premiums possible. We do all we can to help drivers find the lowest rates with coverage that works for them. To learn more about Maryland Auto Insurance safe driver discounts, check out ways to save money. Your Maryland Auto Insurance team will help you get the coverage you need to keep you on the road.