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Who Is Eligible For MAIF?

There are laws in Maryland that state that all drivers must have proper auto insurance. The Motor Vehicle Administration in Maryland states that every vehicle must have a minimum amount of insurance at all time. A licensed car insurance company in Maryland must administer the insurance. Without this, it is not legal to operate the vehicle.

Finding the right type of insurance is important. If you are a new Maryland resident or have been here for years, we will find the right coverage to keep you driving. However, there are several Maryland car insurance requirements you must have.

MAIF auto insurance makes it possible for anyone to drive. Our My MD Auto providers help qualified drivers find car insurance when they are unable to find it through private insurance companies. We get our customers the coverage they need to get back on the road, guaranteed.


Maryland Auto Insurance Fund (MAIF), also known as My MD Auto, is an authorized and independent Maryland state provider of auto insurance.

My MD Auto is for Maryland drivers only who cannot obtain or have a hard time obtaining coverage with private auto insurance companies. Our providers of auto insurance in Maryland will issue and underwrite the auto liability insurance.

Maryland Auto Insurance Policy Requirements

Who is eligible for Maryland Auto Insurance Fund coverage?

To qualify for a Maryland Auto Insurance Fund policy and their car insurance rates, you must be:

  • A Maryland state resident
  • Licensed in the state of Maryland or have a current Maryland registration, see Title and Tag Services
  • Unable to obtain Maryland car insurance through two or more private carriers

We will not turn down drivers for Maryland Auto Insurance who meet these criteria. Regardless of your driving record or if you have had multiple offenses, Maryland Auto Insurance will get you coverage.

We work with drivers on an individual basis to understand their insurance needs. With that information, our team can explore all possible options and help you choose the insurance that is right for you. We will even give you a free car insurance quote.

Do I have to show proof of my bad driving record?

Our providers will do a back ground check to determine if you are eligible to use MAIF. We will ask for your driver license and make a copy to record your license number. Using this, we will be able to view your driving records. If you want to operate a vehicle in Maryland, we must check your driving records.

Do I have to show proof that I have been dropped by another insurance company?

Most car insurance companies will send you a detailed letter explaining why they can no longer offer you coverage. We highly suggest that you keep this letter for you records and to prove that you have been dropped at least twice.

Can I get MAIF insurance if I am unable to pay for car insurance?

No, MAIF insurance is only for drivers who have been dropped at least twice from private insurance companies for all reasons except non-payment. If you were dropped from your insurance provider for not paying your bill, you are not eligible for Maryland Auto Insurance.

Determine If You Qualify For My MD Auto

Your MAIF provider will assist you in finding the right My MD Auto policy. We also promise drivers in Maryland that our rates are as low as we can get them. We work with our customers to build a car or motorcycle insurance policy that meets their personal budget and insurance coverage needs. Your provider of car insurance in Maryland can help you maximize your discount options and choose a payment plan that is right for you. Get a free quote for affordable Maryland auto insurance today.

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