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Know The Benefits Of The Defensive Driving Program In Maryland

Know The Benefits Of The Defensive Driving Program In MarylandMost of us have heard about the Defensive Driving Program (DIP) in Maryland, but few of us know that benefits that it can provide. We are going to explain both what the course is, and the benefits of the course for you, the driver.

What Is The DIP?

  • During this course, an instructor will go over a lot of what you learned in driver’s education; in additions to real-life reactions and occurrences, and how to handle them better. The course can be done in person at a facility that the MVA (Motor Vehicle Association) can give you or online at your own time at home. The course can range from as low as $20 all the way up to $100, depending on your insurance provider.

Benefits Of Taking & Completing DIP

  • Discount Auto Insurance Rates
    • Unlike other states, Maryland does not have any rules about how old a driver needs to be to receive a discounted rate on your insurance after completing the driver improvement program. Depending on your insurance provider, you can save a significant amount of money on your policy.
  • Keep Your Driving Privileges & License By MVA Order
    • If you do not have the best driving record and have acquired points on your driving license, then you may receive an order by the MVA to attend a driver improvement program, or else you could have your license suspended. If you do happen to receive an order from the MVA to obtain the course, then you must do so immediately. If your license is suspended, that you will incur many more fees and work to get your license re-instated that it would cost than to simply take the course as ordered.  Generally, the MVA will send you an order to complete the course if you have piled up 5 or more points in a certain period.

Does My Insurance Offer A Discount For Completing The Course?

This will vary depending on your insurance provider if you are interested learning more about the driver improvement program, where or when to attend, and if we offer a discount on your premium,  or if you are simply seeking new car insurance, contact our team at Maryland Auto Insurance Provider Online.


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