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Should I Still Learn How To Parallel Park?

You have probably seen the advancements in technology over the years that include self-driving cars, GPS systems, Hands-Free Device systems, and most recently, self-parking vehicles. With all these advances in technology, it may seem like the time is rapidly approaching that you do not even need to drive anymore! However, it is still imperative that you physically learn how to drive so you can assure yourself that you will acquire your driver’s license and auto insurance in Annapolis. Classes like defensive driving class can help lower your auto insurance premiums in the areas that we insurance annapolis

However, we believe that learning all the techniques to driving is crucial, no matter how good technology seems to get. We are going to explain why you still need to learn to drive, and what factors are involved that even a self-driving or self-parking car can not do without your assistance.


  • This is the biggest concern about the technology placed inside vehicles today that boast of self-driving technology where it is actually advertised that you do not need to have your hands on the steering wheel while driving. The reliability question comes into view because every now and then, we will see a news story take headlines of a self-driving or self-parking vehicle actually having an accident. A quick search on Google and you will be able to see the issues that they have had. Even high-end automakers such as Tesla have had several issues with new self-driving technology. However, it is not all bad, but the real question seems to always be reliability, as they do not seem to have enough trial and error history to put your full confidence in a self-driving or parking vehicle.

Parallel Parking

  • Parallel parking seems to be a skill that fewer and fewer new drivers coming onto the road can do. There are services like valet and parking garages in the city. However, we feel that parallel parking is a necessary skill for everyone to learn before hitting the open road. If your self-parking vehicle makes a mistake, in addition to you not knowing how to properly parallel park, you could potentially cause a traffic jam on a city street or hit multiple vehicles while attempting to parallel park. Parallel parking seems to be a skill that will forever be important, especially if you live in or around a major city. Parking is slim in cities like Baltimore, and when a spot opens up, you want to be confident that you can quickly and safely get your vehicle in the space available.

GPS Systems

  • GPS systems are one thing that technology companies have had years to perfect, and they have. As long as you are using GPS with a hands-free device, we can confidently advise you to throw away all your paper maps and be confident with your GPS system. Most cars have GPS integrated into the vehicle and will display your driving instructions right on the screen, and verbally through the vehicle speakers. If your car does not have a built-in GPS system, then you will most likely resort to your mobile device, which is an excellent option as long as you have a hands-free mount to hold your phone and it is not being held in your hands.

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Technology is great and we are happy to see the advancements in recent technology, especially in automobiles. However, as far as self-driving and self-parking features go, we suggest that you still master the manual skills of driving and parking as these forms of technology have not had enough time to perfect the science of driving and parking by themselves. If you would like to learn more about backup cameras, or if you are simply seeking new car insurance, contact our team at Maryland Auto Insurance Provider Online.

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