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What Constitutes Insurance Fraud?

Insurance fraud is something anyone looking for car insurance in MD needs to be aware of. Any individual committing insurance fraud with Maryland Auto Insurance means that everyone else that has Maryland Auto Insurance will suffer the consequences. We utilize a Special Investigations Unit specifically for fraud to protect our clients. But what is insurance fraud? How can you make sure to avoid it?car insurance in MD

Could I Be Committing Insurance Fraud?

One of the most important things to know about insurance fraud is that you may not even know that you’re committing it. It’s not just making a false claim of injury or damage in an accident. Anything that you report to your insurance that’s false is considered insurance fraud. This means it can be as simple as not reporting the correct mileage on your car. Absolutely any information that’s dishonest or misrepresented counts.

If you think back, can you remember any small detail you might have omitted or falsified on insurance forms? Just that can increase insurance premiums for everyone on the policy. Keep in mind that insurance fraud involves all of the following, and more:

  • Faking an accident
  • Making up or exaggerating injuries from an accident
  • Using a fake address for your insurance to get a lower premium
  • Including any damage that was previously existing on your car in an accident claim
  • Withholding any information about your past driving record
  • Falsely reporting the loss or theft of your vehicle
  • Not reporting your full mileage driven so you can get a lower premium

No matter if it’s big or small, any falsehood is insurance fraud. This impacts not only you but everyone on the insurance policy.

Reporting Insurance Fraud

While our Special Investigations Unit is thorough at always looking for insurance fraud, we need help from individuals as well. If you think that someone you know is involved with insurance fraud in any capacity, it’s your responsibility to report them. This includes someone you’ve been in an accident with or someone that’s a personal friend or family member. Contact the proper authorities immediately if you have any suspicions that this is happening.

Our Special Investigations Unit and the quality individuals that report their suspicions are how we help to keep your premiums down. We want everyone that needs MD car insurance to be able to easily afford their insurance premiums. If you report suspected insurance fraud, you’re helping us to do that.

Getting Car Insurance in Maryland

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