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Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance?

As a Maryland resident, you’re required to have appropriate motorcycle insurance before you take your bike out on the road. Roadway Insurance Agency, Inc. can help you get the MAIF policy you need, whether it’s the minimum requirements for insurance or something more. Read more to learn about our motorcycle insurance policy

Maryland Minimum Requirements

Just like with cars, there are minimum requirements to meet for motorcycle insurance. You’re required to have the following coverage for motorcycle insurance:

  • $30,000 per person or $60,000 for two people or more of bodily coverage
  • $15,000 for property damage
  • $2,500 Personal Injury Protection (PIP) for passenger-related medical expenses if an accident happens
  • Bodily injury and property damage coverage in the same amounts for uninsured motorist coverage

There are also some other requirements that are needed for motorcycles. Both drivers and passengers must be wearing DOT-approved helmets and eye protection when they’re riding the vehicle. You’ll also have to file an FR-19, or proof of insurance, with the MVA. If you need assistance with this form, we can help you file to make sure you don’t incur penalties or lose your vehicle registration.

Other Maryland Motorcycle Laws

In addition to the minimum insurance requirements, all vehicle operating laws for cars apply to motorcycles as well. There are also specific motorcycle laws that you have to follow. In addition to wearing helmets at all times, footrests are required for both drivers and passengers. Headlights are required at night, but it’s recommended they’re used at all times to help with the visibility of your motorcycle.

Your motorcycle has to have a muffler. Helmet speakers are legal only in one ear and almost all types of earplugs are prohibited when you’re riding. It’s legal to lane share, but not lane split. This means that you can ride side by side with another motorcycle rider in the lane, but can’t drive on the line to pass traffic.

A Quality MAIF Policy for Motorcycles

We can help you get the MAIF policy you need for your motorcycle. Whether you want the minimum requirements or think you need more coverage, we can make sure it’s personalized to your needs. Call us, contact us online, or get a free quote!

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