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Summer Road Trip Safety

While COVID-19 has limited some travel prospects, there’s always the summer road trip. With your small family or friend group, you can still experience beautiful nature sights together, without large crowds of people. In addition to making sure you have Maryland car insurance from Roadway Insurance Agency, Inc., you want your car to be in tip-top shape as well. Follow these tips for summer road trip insurance in maryland

Get Your Vehicle Serviced

Even if you’ve had it serviced fairly recently, make sure everything is checked before you’re taking a long trip with your car. You don’t want to have to worry about your oil when you’re in the middle of nowhere on a road you don’t know. A battery check is also necessary to make sure that your battery isn’t going to die on the journey.

Many service centers also have a safety check that they can perform on your car. They should check things like your brakes, fluids, and the condition of your tires. This is something you want to seriously consider before you leave for your trip. There could be a problem with something small in your car that you don’t know of that may cause problems down the line.

Keep Your Car Stocked

In the case of an emergency, you want to make sure you’re prepared and that your car is stocked with supplies. One of the most important things to have is a cell phone and charger. Now, we usually have our phones on us at all times and use them for GPS. It’s important to have a charger, though, if you need to call emergency services.

Always keep emergency nonperishable food, drinking water, and blankets in case you get stranded somewhere. You’ll also want to have basic tools and duct tape in the case of minor repairs. A first aid kit helps if someone gets hurt, and road flares can keep you safe when you’re doing work on your car. A jack, work gloves, and change of clothes are good to have in the event you have to change a tire.

Make Sure Your Insurance is Updated

In Maryland, you’re required to have a certain amount of minimum coverage. At the very least, make sure you have this and your insurance cards are updated and current. You don’t want them to expire while you’re on the road. If you’re worried about your car on your trip, contact Roadway about increasing coverage on your vehicle. We also offer Roadway Motor Club to help you with emergency roadside assistance.

Plan Out Your Travel Route

You may have phones with GPS and maps just in case, but have an idea of where you’re going first. Depending on where you’re going, your car may not be equipped to handle the roads. There are some parks and backwoods places where you’ll need a vehicle that has 4-wheel drive to make it. Be sure you know what’s in store when you schedule your route.

Stay Safe With Maryland Car Insurance From Roadway

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