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The Truth Behind Car Insurance Myths

There are many car insurance myths circling around the Internet. How do you know which ones you should believe and which aren’t true at all? Roadway Insurance Agency, Inc., a provider of car insurance in MD, explains some common car insurance myths.maryland car insurance

Your Car Color Impacts Your Rate

Many people have heard that if they have a bright color on their car, like red, your insurance costs more. However, there’s no truth to this. Certain makes and models may be more expensive to insure, however. The safety features of the car, how expensive it is to repair or replace the car, and certain facts about the driver and their driving history all factor into the cost.

The Objects in Your Car are Covered by Auto Insurance

Just because you left your laptop in your car doesn’t mean your car insurance will cover its theft. Personal property isn’t actually included in an auto insurance policy. Any personal property would only be covered by renter’s or homeowner’s insurance. And even then, a claim will still be subject to a deductible.

The More Expensive the Car, The More Expensive the Insurance

This isn’t necessarily true. The sale price of your car isn’t what gets factored into the pricing for your premium. Insurance companies look at how many claims they’ve had to pay on that type of vehicle and how expensive it is to repair or replace. If you have a sports car that’s around $35,000, it could be more expensive to insure than a $50,000 truck depending on the claims that have been made on it, as well as the cost of the parts.

If Someone Else Crashes Your Car, Their Insurance Will Pay

In most cases, the insurance policy of the owner of the car is what takes precedent. It doesn’t matter who’s driving the car when it’s wrecked, if you own the car, you’re most likely still liable. Make sure you know what your MAIF policy covers. Make sure that you’re only letting people you fully trust to drive your car.

Car Insurance Covers Any Damage to Your Car

Getting the minimum insurance coverage for your car is a requirement in the state of Maryland. However, that doesn’t cover you for every instance. Acts of nature, such as hail or wind damage, or vandalism and theft aren’t covered with basic insurance. You’ll have to have comprehensive coverage to be protected for any of these events. Many base coverage plans are only for collision and personal injury.

Getting Car Insurance in Maryland

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