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Choosing Snow Tires Vs. All-Season

Maryland may be considered a Southern state, but we definitely get our share of winter weather. But how do you know which tires are the right choice for your car? Roadway Insurance Agency, Inc., a provider of cheap car insurance in Maryland, wants to help make your car as safe as possible. Below we highlight the difference between snow tires and all-season car insurance in maryland

The Rise of the All-Season Tire

Before the late 70s, it was standard for people to have two different tire varieties for winter and summer. They were changed out and each set was used for about half of the year. But at this point, almost every single vehicle that’s made comes out of the factory with all-season tires. Theoretically, you should be able to rely on all-season tires all year round.

But there are some situations where the all-season tire just doesn’t compare. A winter tire is especially better at braking in icy or snowy situations, as well as while you’re going around corners. While it may be easier and more convenient to stick with the all-season tire, winter tires should be considered for the snowy months.

The Benefits of Winter Tires

Many people think that winter tires are expensive and a chore. They don’t want to go through the effort of changing them around every six months and storing them somewhere safe. But if you live in a rural area or have a job where you’re definitely not getting a snow day, winter tires may be a good choice to ensure you’re able to get where you need to go.

In the grand scheme of things, winter tires aren’t an extra expense. In fact, because you’re only driving with them half the year, you don’t go through tires as fast. You’ll get double the longevity because you’re only using them half the time. It’s important for you to make sure you get a full set of winter tires as well. Only putting them on the drive end of the car can be dangerous.

If you’re looking for a bargain, you can usually buy leftover tires to cut down costs. While they may not be quite as good as brand new tires, they’re still a solid choice and good to save money. We also recommend a set of inexpensive steel wheels that are dedicated to your winter driving. You can avoid remounting the tires every time you change them and you don’t have to worry about winter ruining your nice wheels.

Winter-Biased All-Season Tires

A new type of tire is starting to become more widespread. This all-season tire is known as “Premium Traction”. While they don’t quite reach the performance of a true winter tire, they come a lot closer than traditional all-season tires. If you’re going to stick with all-season tires, this is the standard you should look for.

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