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4 Most Common Driving Errors

Maryland Uber and Lyft Car InsuranceDriving is an essential part of everyday life. However, many people make simple mistakes behind the wheel that could cause them major issues later on. It’s important to practice safe driving habits each time you get in your car to ensure the safety of you and others. Here are four common driving errors to avoid in the future:


Speed limits are more than just recommendations. They are essential to driving and operating motor vehicles responsibly. Many car accidents involve one or more people who are either driving too fast or too slow. Keeping pace with the surrounding traffic will help you control your speed without disrupting other drivers. Drivers should take into account current weather conditions like rain or fog which will affect speed requirements. Slowing down may mean that you arrive a little later than planned; however, it will ensure when you do arrive, you will arrive safely.

Not Using Turn Signals

Turn signals are more than just a courtesy. They ensure that your fellow drivers can plan accordingly for your actions. Anticipating the moves of other drivers is a major part of driving safely. When you use your turn signal, you are allowing others to prepare and respond to your next move without the need for slamming on breaks. If you are changing lanes, check your blind spots and utilize your turn signal appropriately for a smooth transition.

Driving While Distracted

Texting, excessively loud music, or even reading a map behind the wheel can cause traffic accidents. It’s important to stay focused on safely getting to your destination when you are driving. Ensure all distractions are tended to before you set out on your trip. If you need to utilize your phone or GPS, do so when you are at a full stop or, preferably, parked. While you may have full confidence in your driving skills, things happen behind the wheel that require your full attention. Your response time to a situation could mean the difference between a close call and a major accident.

No Auto Insurance

It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle without auto insurance. For some Maryland drivers, obtaining insurance at reasonable rates becomes difficult after too many accidents or violations. If you are in need of insurance, MAIF Auto Insurance helps drivers find auto insurance, no matter their driving record or ability to obtain insurance through other carriers. Our providers issue and underwrite auto liability insurance for Maryland drivers who are having difficulty obtaining coverage with private auto insurance companies. Contact us today to get a free quote! 


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