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Tips for Successful Trunk-or-Treating

Trunk or Treating Safety TIpsHalloween is this weekend, and we know so many of you are looking forward to dressing up, decorating, and giving out candy. Plus, seeing all of the kids’ creative costumes is such a joy. If you are hosting a Trunk-or-Treating event, MAIF Insurance Provider has some excellent tips on how to have a fun and safe Halloween. Here are our tips for Trunk-or-Treaters:

Decorate Your Trunk

Trunk-or-treating is an excellent opportunity for families who do not like in a neighborhood to still be able to experience the magic of Halloween. If you are passing out candy, remember to decorate your trunk. You may even consider decorating it to support an organization that you are a part of, to simultaniously get the word out about your cause. Themed trunks are also an option. You could decorate your trunk to showcase a Halloween theme, a sports team, comic book characters, exotic locations, and so forth. Be as elaborate or simple as you want to be. Battery-powered lights are an excellent decorating option, as it does get dark faster this time of year.

Bring Lots of Candy

Candy is essential to trunk-or-treating. Make sure that you bring enough so that you do not run out of candy early on in the night. Storebought candy that is individually packaged is preferred by most parents so they can know that the candy is safe for their children. You may also consider passing out small items like glowsticks or bubbles for children with allergies to certain types of candy. In addition to candy, remember to bring lawnchairs so that you can comfortably sit near your trunk. Wearing a costume that matches the theme of your trunk is another special touch that will help your trunk stand out from all the rest.

Leave The Alcohol At Home

Trunk-or-treating is typically an event for the children in your community to enjoy. While it may be tempting to bring a cooler of alcoholic beverages for you to enjoy as you pass out candy, we encourage you to leave the alcohol at home. It’s important to remember that you will need to drive home after the event, and having alcohol in or around cars can give off the wrong message. Additionally, we would hate for the kids to get ahold of the alcohol and create an unsafe trunk-or-treating enviroment. Remember to remove any decorations that are impeding on your view of the road before driving to or from the trunk-or-treating site.

MAIF Insurance Provider, your go-to maryland auto insurance company, wishes you a fun and safe halloween. Contact us today for a free quote on auto insurance to keep you and your family covered on the road.

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