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3 Tips for Managing Your Road Rage

Road rage is a very common issue that Maryland drivers deal with. Whether someone cuts you off in traffic, suddenly turns without a signal, or is driving slowly in the fast lane, your response to stressful situations on the road can mean the difference between safe and dangerous driving conditions. At MAIF, we want drivers to remember to keep calm on the road and know how to minimize anger and aggression when driving. Learn our three best tips for controlling your road rage below:

Road Rage Maryland

3 Tips to Prevent Road Rage in Maryland

Sometimes, driving can be frustrating and can contribute to road rage. Protect yourself and others by driving safely. Follow these tips to stay safe on the road:

Don’t Rush

Being in a hurry can make you flustered and more likely to give in to road rage. Sticking to the speed limit, fully stopping at stop signs, and following driving rules can help you calm down and focus on driving. Keep space between your car and accommodate other drivers. Be aware of your surroundings and anticipate other cars. Additionally, you can give yourself enough time to plan your route beforehand if you need to. Taking the time to slow down can keep you calm and forgive your triggers (i.e., bad drivers).

Get Enough Sleep

Drivers who are tired are more prone to irritability and road rage. Tired drivers are more dangerous as they often do not put enough thought into their driving. If you have not had enough sleep, avoid driving if you can. Driving tired can lead to careless driving, not to mention accidents. Keeping a good schedule and allowing enough time, especially early in the morning, can also help prevent tired driving.

Remember Your Triggers

It can be frustrating when fellow drivers don’t follow the rules. Drivers who do not pay attention or cut you off can be triggering. Driving in busy areas can also be a trigger for many drivers frustrated with the slow crawl of traffic. Remember to take a moment to create a relaxing environment for yourself when you drive. Calming music can be a good alternative to upbeat or fast music, which can make drivers more likely to revert to aggression, speeding, and other unhealthy driving habits.

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