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How to Avoid Distracted Driving

Do you answer calls when driving? If you’re late for work, do you often eat breakfast or do your makeup in the car? Driving when you’re distracted increases the likelihood of accidents with other vehicles, objects, and drivers. When driving, make sure you avoid texting, doing your makeup, or eating. We will review more of the most common types of distracted driving and how to avoid driving while distracted in Maryland.

Distracted Driving in Maryland

Types of Distracted Driving

It’s very dangerous to drive when you’re distracted. There are top four common types of distracted driving:

  • Using Phones: Nowadays, many drivers are on their phones in the car. Texting, talking on the phone, or looking up directions while driving is highly dangerous. Taking your eyes off of the road for even one second can increase the risk of accidents.
  • Eating: Although it may not seem like it’s as distracting as phones, eating while driving can leave only one hand on the wheel. Many drivers may not be prepared for a sudden turn or stop if they do not have full control over their vehicle.
  • Grooming: Some drivers do their makeup, brush their hair, or even shave while driving! Even if you’re in a hurry, leave the grooming for your destination. Also,
  • Talking or Singing: When you’re singing, talking to another passenger. or on a phone call, your mind is not focusing on driving.

How to Avoid Distracted Driving in Maryland

Do not try to multitask while driving. Even though you may think you can handle driving and holding a conversation, eating, or getting ready for work, you can cause a fender-bender! Put your phone away. Silence or mute notifications. If you need directions, turn on the speaker for your phone so that you can hear your next directions.

Keep conversations to a minimum. Refrain from eating or drinking while you’re driving. Also, keep your eyes on the road and your mirrors. Don’t let other people or things distract you from driving. Even if you’re late for work or an event, don’t try to get ready when you’re driving. Take your time, and don’t rush.

Do you need insurance coverage for your vehicle? We’re here to help Maryland drivers get the right coverage. Call MAIF today at 301.842.6002 or request an auto insurance quote online. Drive safely and curb bad driving habits! If you have questions about what type of auto insurance is right for you and your vehicle, please contact us; we will be happy to help.

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