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Follow These Tips for Winter Driving

As fall turns into winter, icy and snowy road conditions can make driving more difficult. It’s good to remember to drive safely, pay attention to the road, and be careful around other drivers. At MAIF, we provide auto insurance for Maryland drivers and help ensure drivers who typically cannot get coverage are protected on the road. We also want to review the best safety tips for winter driving in Maryland, as roads and weather require different driving techniques and preparation.

Read winter driving tips in Maryland

Winter Driving Tips in Maryland

Follow these tips to drive safely and prevent accidents:

Clear Ice and Snow

Before driving, make sure you remove all of the ice and snow from the windows of your car. Remove snow and ice from your roof first because it can fall onto the windows and obscure your view when driving. An added benefit of removing ice and snow is reducing drag on your car and helping save fuel. Taking the time to clear snow and ice also makes it safer for other drivers and pedestrians when you’re driving.

Avoid Cruise Control

Cruise control can be beneficial if you’re on a long stretch of road. But in winter, you want to avoid cruise control. You never know what’s on the road when it’s snowy or icy, and you need enough time to stop if you suddenly see a vehicle on the road. Avoiding cruise control also helps you stay alert when driving.

Keep Your Gas Tank Full

You don’t want to lose gas and get stuck in a snowstorm. Make sure that your gas tank is full enough for your journey so you don’t have to stop on the side of the road in bad weather. You can also keep an emergency kit in your car with food, batteries, and extra tires, but it’s best to avoid an emergency during winter.

Don’t Drive Too Fast

Accelerate and decelerate with care. Driving too fast on an icy road can leave you and others prone to accidents. Being more observant when there’s snow and ice on the road can also give you time to make quick decisions as needed.

Keep Distance Between Cars

It’s best to increase the following distance between you and other cars by 8 to 10 more seconds. You never know when your car could skid on the ice and cause a fender bender. Giving yourself more time to break in icy and snowy conditions can prevent accidents.

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