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Can You Drive Without Insurance?

Are you driving without insurance? Does the thought of getting into an accident make you anxious because you don’t have car insurance? We’re here to help. At MAIF, your Maryland Auto Insurance Provider, we can help you get insurance coverage to protect you and your vehicle. Here, we will explain what happens when you drive without insurance in Maryland and what types of insurance are out there to ensure you’re covered.

Driving Without Insurance in Maryland

Driving Without Insurance in Maryland

Multiple things can happen if you are driving without insurance:

  • Fines: You can face thousands in fines for driving without insurance if you are at fault in an accident. Administrative expenses can also add up. First-time offenders typically pay $1,000 with at least $150 in administrative fees.
  • License Points: You can also lose about 5 points from your license. License points are a demerit system; you gain points on your license from violations of your driving record. These points stay on your record for about 2 years before they can be removed.
  • Incarceration: The maximum penalty for driving without insurance is one year in jail. Although this is very rare, it’s important to avoid jail time for insurance reasons.

These penalties may seem harsh, but the state wants to keep drivers protected who are not at fault in the event of an accident. Insurance can help cover expenses and medical care from accidents, which is why driving with car insurance is important.

What Are My Auto Insurance Policy Options?

We offer multiple types of auto insurance options for our clients. Liability, collision, comprehensive, and personal injury insurance can ensure clients are covered when they’re driving. With liability insurance, you pay for damage to another person’s vehicle and for their medical expenses if you are found liable. Collision insurance is just what it sounds like; this insurance covers the cost of damage to vehicles.

Comprehensive auto insurance covers other causes of car damage, like vandalism, natural disasters, and theft. Personal injury insurance can cover your medical bills, no matter who is at fault in an accident. Getting the right coverage for you and your vehicle can ensure that you do not have to deal with large penalties. Safe driving habits can also help minimize the risk of an accident, fines, license points, and more.

Do you need auto insurance coverage in Maryland? Call MAIF today at 301.842.6002. You can also ask us about the new MAIF payment plan to get the coverage you need.

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