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How to Get a MAIF Quote

Since the introduction of the Maryland Auto Insurance Fund, known as MAIF, Maryland drivers can be assured they can find car insurance no matter their history. It’s important to maintain insurance to avoid costly fees and penalties that come with operating a vehicle without auto insurance. It is against Maryland law to drive uninsured. The insurance providers at MAIF in Baltimore can give you a quote at no cost with the following car insurance quote baltimore

Check qualifications

MAIF was developed so that Maryland drivers can always have access to car insurance, but not everyone qualifies for MAIF coverage. In order to receive coverage, applicants must reside in Maryland, hold a Maryland license or vehicle registration, and be unable to obtain private car insurance. Without these three precursors, you may not be able to receive car insurance through MAIF. However, tickets, accidents, or other traffic violations do not factor into your availability for coverage. If a private insurer has denied you coverage for any of these reasons, MAIF may be the insurance solution for you.

Enquire online

Interested applicants can visit the MAIF website and fill out the online form to get a quote at no cost. You must provide your name, phone number, and email address. You will also be asked to specify your preferred contact method, whether you are a new client, and your availability for a scheduled appointment. The online form allows for you to add relevant comments as well. When this is completed, you can submit the form, and a representative will reach out to you shortly afterward.

Review options with a professional

MAIF representatives are car insurance experts and can provide the best policies for your unique needs. With a scheduled appointment with one of our employees, you will learn about coverage options, payment plans, and discounts applicable to you. You will be able to choose different levels of coverage, including liability, collision, comprehensive, and personal injury protection insurance. You will also be able to select a payment option that suits your financial situation. Paying your premium upfront will save money down the road. However, you also have the opportunity to pay your premium in installments. Advice from MAIF experts comes at no cost to you.

MAIF in the greater Baltimore area

MAIF has an office in Baltimore but provides quotes for all of Maryland. We offer auto, motorcycle, and rideshare insurance policies. You can schedule an appointment with us online or contact our office by phone at 301.842.6002.

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