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What To Know Before Buying A Motorcycle

Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance?Are you considering purchasing a motorcycle in Maryland? If so, it’s important to know about the laws that apply to motorcycle riders. Once you know the laws and are excited to get your bike, there are several other things to consider as well. When choosing your motorcycle, remember the following:

Identify Your Needs & Ability

Once you know you want to buy a motorcycle, be honest with yourself about your needs and ability. What will your motorcycle be used for? Are you planning to use your motorcycle for driving around the city or for taking cross-country trips? It’s important to choose a bike you will be excited to ride while also considering your comfort needs. Motorcycles come in many different shapes and sizes, so you will need to try each one on to size before purchasing. Additionally, if you have never driven a motorcycle, start out with a slower bike with an easier center of gravity. Once you feel comfortable, you can always upgrade your ride to a faster motorcycle later.

Choose The Right Bike

Brands like Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Triumph, and Honda make motorcycles with many additional features to consider. Take your time when choosing which bike you will ride. A sports bike may be good for someone who is craving speed, but over time, the handles and back positioning may prove to be uncomfortable beyond going on short rides. Cruiser footpegs cause beginner riders to have to lean back slightly and can cause riders going at lower speeds to lose balance often. A standard motorcycle is best for beginners because it allows riders to be in an upright position without needing to lean too far forward.

Get Insured

If you decide to buy a motorcycle, don’t forget that this means you will also need motorcycle insurance. Just like automobiles, motorcycles need to meet your state’s minimum insurance requirements, too. Luckily, MAIF Insurance Provider provides motorcycle insurance in addition to our auto insurance and tag & title services. Insuring a motorcycle is very similar to insuring a car. If you drive and insure a luxury car, you expect to pay more for insurance because of the cost of the car. The same concept applies to motorcycle insurance. Get a free quote from MAIF today, or contact us directly to learn more about affordable motorcycle insurance in Maryland.

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